More View ACA Favorably than the Replacement Plan

“A majority of Democrats (84 percent), independents (68 percent), and Republicans (59 percent) want continued protection for people with pre-existing conditions from the federal government.” Begs the question, why does the Trump/GOP replacement gut preexisting condition protections? Call your senators and take action today! Tell them to vote “NO” ➜ (844) 856-9449 and Read more here:

Dem & GOP Governors Urge Senate to Rethink Replacement Bill

Unbelievable act of bipartisanship. Democrats and Republicans alike are coming out against this replacement. Gov. Steve Bullock, Gov. John Kasich, Gov. John W. Hickenlooper, Gov. Brian Sandoval, Gov. John Bel Edwards for Louisiana, Gov. Charlie Baker, and Gov. Tom Wolf came together to speak out against the Trump/GOP replacement. Follow their lead and take action today! They said, “We have watched with great…