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State public option

state level

Pushing to pass public health care options to expand access to affordable care in states

National health care

federal level

Working toward bold health reforms that expand care and achieve universal coverage

Medicaid expansion

state & federal level

Advocating for states with coverage gaps to expand Medicaid, and/or pursue a federal fix

Lowering the cost of prescription drugs

state & federal level

Passing state prescription drug affordability boards and advocating for federal policies to ensure people can afford the prescriptions they need

Abortion freedom

state & federal level

Fighting against state and federal abortion bans and restrictions, and fighting for state and federal policies that protect and expand access for all

Contraception freedom

state & federal level

Advocating for accessible, affordable birth control options for all

Paid family and medical leave

state & federal level

Passing state paid family and medical leave and pushing for federal coverage

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Lower Prescription Drug Costs

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