Who We Are


Committee to Protect Medicare & the ACA launches a Facebook group in the aftermath of Trump’s election and his promises to strip Americans of protections for preexisting conditions, overturn the ACA, and cut Medicare.
The Committee generates tens of thousands of calls and emails to Congress to help beat back GOP-led efforts to repeal the ACA with no plan to replace — an outcome that would have had disastrous consequences for American health care.
The Committee changes name, begins on-the-ground organizing of medical professionals for a sustained effort to build power for health care expansion and improvement in the country.
Executive Director Dr. Rob Davidson has a casual conversation with Vice President Mike Pence at Drake Diner in Iowa, exposing the VP’s ignorance on Medicaid block grants. A video of the exchange goes viral, and establishes a national profile for Dr. Rob as a no nonsense patient advocate & the Committee as key health care advocates.
The abject failures of the Trump Administration’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic come into sharper focus, mobilizing medical professionals across the United States.
Committee to Protect Medicare launches organizing drives, advertisements, and earned media campaigns across the country to hold politicians, especially Trump, accountable for their COVID-19 failures and harmful health care policy.
The Committee launches its ‘Get Out the Science’ program, a communications campaign which reaches millions of people across the United States. The campaign deploys targeted paid media and physician-forward organizing efforts, producing over 500 local news segments and hundreds more print/online stores to educate the public on the disasters of the Trump Administration's failed pandemic response.
The Committee to Protect organizes in Georgia to expose Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler’s failures to provide federal relief in response to COVID-19 and support health care access.
2021 JAN
The Committee begins digging into state legislative work to help states make the case for expanded health care and better policies. The work is ongoing and there is more to come.
2021 APR
The Committee officially changes its name to The Committee to Protect Health Care.
2021 JUN
The Committee continues its pandemic accountability work, holding leaders and institutions accountable for spreading misinformation about vaccines, masks, and other pandemic mitigation measures.
2021 SEPT
The Committee increases its advocacy and education scope to support reproductive health care in the face of mounting legal challenges to abortion rights. Efforts include organizing Texas Medical Professionals to speak out against the state’s law effectively banning abortions.